The body of LPG Marketing companies, which are looting public in connivance with the government regulators, lifting the rate as high as Rs220 per kg in provincial capital through restricted supply, has announced that some marketing companies are importing LPG which will be available to the consumers with in this week to lower the rate considerably.

The declaration was made by the LPG Association of Pakistan Chairman Farooq Iftikhar during a meeting with the Federal Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi here on Wednesday.  He claimed that recent hike in LPG prices were not because of marketing companies but due to growing gap between demand and supply.

But the fact is that LPG sector continues to bank in the opportunity as it continues to revise price upward to a level that is unfrequented in the history of Pakistan while Ogra is playing role of silent spectator.  “There is a crucial shortage of LPG due to cool weather and gas load shedding but LPG  Association of Pakistan is making out its all out efforts to overcome the shortage”, Farooq Iftikhar said. He said that reduced LPG prices would be advertised soon.  He told the minister that the government would have to ensure better regulation to reign in the retailers and decenter Farooq Iftikhar said that association would extend best cooperation to the Ministry of Petroleum and OGRA. He said that LPG had a great future in Pakistan and it had witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years. Federal Minister for Petroleum Shahid Khaqan Abbasi shown a great concern for reducing the prices of LPG to benefit the masses which is a hall mark of the PML-N government. He appreciated the efforts of LPG Association of Pakistan aimed at reducing the LPG prices in the country. He assured the LPG Association of Pakistan of full cooperation to figure out its problem.  Energy experts are of the view that gas crisis is result of preferring influential industrial sectors over the masses in biting winter.  The gas loadshedding which started with the advent of winter has now worsened making life of common man difficult across Punjab.

Gas is not available in many cities where people leave homes for work without breakfast while parents find it difficult to feed their school going children in the morning.  They said that government and other always blamed the CNG sector for gas shortages but now that sector has been closed since months they have no one to blame.  They said that after disconnection of CNG sector, government has started providing gas to textile sector negating its own claim of preferring common consumers over all other sectors.

Many tandoor operators have started using LPG cylinders due to extremely low pressure to charge masses more than the officially agreed rate for a roti while authorities have turned a blind eye to it.

The Pakistan Economy Watch chairman Dr. Murtaza Mughal observed that government has been planning to jack up price of natural gas even if it is not available which is a conspiracy.