The horrendous incident at Army Public School on 16 Dec, would remain on our minds for quite some time. However the media, both print and electronic, should desist from repeatedly showing the heart rending stories and pictures of the martyred children and the school auditorium. This is in no way giving solace to the affected families, especially the parents of the children. This continuous showing and repeating of the incident would in fact have adverse psychological effects on all viewers. The parents of children may be permanently psychologically damaged or affected. Time is a great healer and may Allah grant them fortitude to bear their great loss. We who have no relation with the children, so brutally massacred, feel so terribly depressed to see their blood soaked books and pictures on TV, that we tend to switch the channel. The children who watch also get frightened and ask questions about their safety at their schools. So I would suggest that the media, especially electronic. should not over play this gory incident.


Lahore, December 21.