KARACHI/ISLAMABAD- Minorities from different parts of the country have expressed grave concerns over non-inclusion of their representatives in the Action Plan Committee saying that keeping minorities away from decision making and in counter terrorism campaign is not a good sign.

President Pakistan Hindu Council, Chela Ram Kewlani, while commenting on the recent meeting of Action Plan Committee held in Islamabad said that a large number of Hindus and other minorities were being targeted in the ongoing terror activities across the country, but not even a single member from minority community has been included to represent their community in the government-formed Action Plan Committee due to which, desperation and anxiety level has increased.

In the context of current situation, he termed the counter-terrorism as complex and sensitive issue, he said that absence of representatives from the affected communities in the decision making process will make it harder to defeat terrorism. Pakistan Hindu Council considers the attacks against minorities, forced conversions and marriages as dangerous internal security threats.

Chela Ram also regretted that in the Electoral Reform Committee, Evacuee Property Trust Board and other committees where matters related to minorities were deliberated, the non-inclusion of minority community representatives was not a good sign.