ISLAMABAD - Representatives of minority groups on Wednesday complained that the government has ignored to include a single member of their community in the recently-formed Action Plan Committee despite the fact that they were victims of terrorism in the country.

President of Pakistan Hindu Council Chela Ram Kewlani while commenting on the recent meeting of Action Plan Committee held in Islamabad regretted that terrorism had taken heavy toll on the lives of minorities but the government did not bother to give representation to them in the committee. “A large number of Hindus and other minorities have been targeted in the ongoing terror activities across the country but the Pakistan Hindu Council is shocked to note that there is not even a single minority member who can represent the community in the government-formed Action Plan Committee,” Kewlani said in a statement issued here.

He said the absence of representatives from the affected communities in the decision-making process would not defeat terrorism until the minorities are included in the counter-terrorism decision body.

The statement said that Pakistan Hindu Council considers the attacks against minorities, forced conversions and marriages as dangerous and threat to internal security.

President of the council alleged that the minorities had been ignored by the government in each important decision.

He said that minorities had not been given representation in the Electoral Reform Committee, Evacuee Property Trust Board and other matters. “The community representatives are not included in these matters which is not a good sign at all,” the statement noted...ends