ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressed the nation in the early hours of Thursday outlining the government’s strategy. He announced the government’s intention of uprooting terrorism and claimed that the terrorists days are numbered.
The prime minister announced the creation of special courts which would be setup for two years to counter the surge of terrorism in the country over the past decade or so. The special courts are designed for swift trials of terrorists.
In his address on national television, the PM shared the results of the meetings of political leadership, claiming that the Peshawar attack has transformed Pakistan.
“As the prime minister of the country it is my responsibility to lead the nation,” the prime minister said in his address.
“We need strong action against extremism in the country,” he added.
The PM also highlighted the inclusion of an anti-terrorism taskforce in the national action plan. The plan included clampdown and moderation of madrassas, with banned outfit not being allowed to operate under new names.
“Madrassas will not operate without proper registration and will be regularised,” he said in his address. “Banned terrorist outfits will not be allowed to operate under different names and their funding will be curtailed”, he asserted.
The plan also included a complete blackout of terrorists on media –social, print and television. Crack down on all kinds of hate speech was also announced. Repatriation of refugees from Afghanistan was also included in the plan.
The prime minister also highlighted the need for constitutional amendments to fortify anti-terrorism measures, with NACTA being made more effective as well.
He also mentioned that the operation against terrorism in Karachi will be fast-tracked, and claimed that Punjab will not be allowed to give any space to extremism either.
“Peshawar tragedy has transformed the country. We have to counter the terrorist mindset in order to curtail extremism and sectarianism," he said in his address.
“The attack shook the nation. The terrorists targeted the future of this country, by killing those children,” he added.