AIIB supporting China’s Silk

Road initiatives

LAHORE (Staff Reporter): The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), with an expected initial capital of US $50 billion, is also supporting China’s Silk Road initiatives, stated Shah Faisal Afridi, President Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) while leading a discussion on significance of Silk Route with members of PCJCCI. He said adding that the concept of Silk Route had emerged to become an important policy instrument on regional connectivity and regional integration. He was confident that Pakistan could turn into the most important westward artery by modernizing and reviving the silk route.

He said adding that the Silk Road Fund will be “open” and welcoming investors from Asia and beyond to “actively” take part in the project. The government of Pakistan should take immediate measures to up-grade the Silk Route to exploit the geographical potential of this location in regional trade.   ”Pakistan’s geographical location supplements the potential of the Silk Route and augments scope of its revival”,

Faisal Afridi said that the Silk Route has been a famous trade route in the ancient times, which proves that we have a long history of trade through this location.

KCCI president for FBR action against 700,000 tax evaders

KARACHI (APP): President of the KCCI, Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra has urged Chairman FBR, Tariq Bajwa to publicise details of action taken against tax evaders, included about 700,000, identified by the board in 2011. In a statement on Wednesday, he said that despite lapse of more than three years no concrete steps against the evaders appears to have been taken against the identified tax evaders. FBR has not been able to act against any of those tax evaders who, according to FBR itself, owned more than one house, had luxurious cars, they and their kids frequently travel abroad, study in foreign universities, use credit cards and operate bank accounts but had no NTN numbers, said the KCCI chief.

Vohra lamented that on the contrary loyal taxpayers are constantly being overburdened and have to suffer due to complex tax procedures whereas the tax evaders continue to enjoy the benefits of staying outside the tax net.

“This is highly unfair as procedures for bona fide tax payers is being made cumbersome and complicated,” he said mentioning that KCCI has been raising the issue quite frequently.

Vohra said due to complex tax procedures and the harassment being suffered by taxpayers, people simply do not want to come into the tax net.

“And in such a situation board finds no other option but to further squeeze the existing taxpayers to achieve the revenue generation targets,” maintained  the KCCI chief.

Farmers urged to save mango

orchards from malformation

MULTAN (APP): Horticulturists have advised mango growers to take timely steps to tackle mango malformation disease to avoid production losses. In a press statement issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department, experts said that botanical malformation attacks new plants while flower malformation attacks flowers. The disease leaves the leaf shorter in size and pointed and affects the growth of branches. Its attack on 3-4 month old nursery plants stops growth and affected branches get dried up within few months. Slightly older plants continue growth above the affected areas, however, intense attack stops the growth and fruit formation process.

Plants of the age of 4-8 years get affected by the disease by 90 percent. Developing nursery in diseased plants is a common cause of the disease and its spread. The intensity of disease vary in accordance with weather conditions.

Experts suggested that farmers should cut the malformation affected branches. In case of green branches, the affected branch should be cut alongwith 15-20 cm portion of healthy branch. The detached branches should be burnt or buried outside the orchard.

Balanced application of fertilizers and micro-nutrient should be ensured at proper time. Agriculture officials should be consulted for chemical solution to counter the disease.

PASDEC to train 560 women


ISLAMABAD (APP): The Pakistan Stone Development Company (PASDEC under its project Creative Entrepreneurship for Women (CREW) will train 560 women in marble mosaic, inlay and craft skills with an aim to help them establish their own businesses. “We intend to support women for empowerment and self employment opportunities,” Chief Executive Officer PASDEC said while addressing a workshop on Women Entrepreneurship Development here.The CREW had organized the workshop with an aim to encourage women entrepreneurs to get training in various marble crafts and establish their own businesses.

Speaking on the occasion, Hadyatullah, Senator and President All Pakistan Marble Industry Association (APMIA), said that marble industry was ready to facilitate the women entrepreneurs of marble mosaic, inlay and crafts for disposal of their products.

He asked the concerned players for providing information to marble stakeholders about mosaic training activities in the country so that industry could aware it.

PTA conducts raid against grey traffickers in Faisalabad

ISLAMABAD (APP): Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in its ongoing efforts to control grey trafficking, has conducted a successful raid in Faisalabad. According to details, successful raid against the grey operators was carried out along with Federal Investigation (FIA) team at Ali Housing Colony, Faisalabad. The team recovered an illegal VoIP exchange comprising six gateways, alongwith other equipment like laptop, switches, SIMs, modem etc. The successful raids against the grey operators were made possible because of continuous monitoring, commitment and persistent efforts by PTA in curbing the menace, thus curtailing the loss to national exchequer.