Justice Shahid Hameed Dar of the Lahore High Court termed the rule of law prerequisite for the national development, prosperity, peace and provision of smooth justice.

He was addressing a meeting of the lawyers held at Sialkot District Bar Association. Stressing a need for providing better working atmosphere to dispense the speedy justice at people’s doorsteps, he said that pleasant atmosphere was vital for bringing betterment in the working of the judiciary.

The LHC judge urged the lawyers never to negate their duty to fight for justice, the rule of law, constitutionalism, and independence of the judiciary. The bench and the bar should work in good atmosphere and maintain mutual regard and respect for each other.

He narrated that the judiciary is a pivotal pillar of the state. Under the constitution, it has greater responsibilities on its shoulders; therefore, it has to be strong enough to shoulder the structure of the state. One can never deny the fact that a country’s progress is linked with the rule of law and supremacy of its constitution. District and Sessions Judge Shahid Rafiq and DBA President Shahid Mir were also present.