Selena Gomez apparently won’t take ex Justin Bieber back unless he ‘proves himself to her’.

The 22-year-old The Heart Wants What It Wants songstress has endured an on/off relationship with the Baby singer since 2011, before confirming last month it was over. In the midst of rumours they may reunite, it’s claimed she won’t take him back easily.

‘Selena made a promise to herself that she wouldn’t even consider taking him back unless he made a massive grand gesture,’ a source told gossip website ‘A simple text or phone call won’t do. He needs to prove himself to her.’ It’s claimed Selena has moved forward in leaps and bounds since cutting ties with the 20-year-old pop star. Apparently, she’s ‘infuriated’ that Justin seems to be oblivious to this fact.

‘Selena heard through mutual friends that Justin felt he could get her back at the drop of a hat. Maybe she was like that in the past but not anymore,’ according to the insider. ‘She is never ever going to make herself look so desperate again! Plus, the theme of her new music next year is going to be all about self-empowerment and strong women. No more crying over boys!’

Selena made it clear she and Justin’s romantic relationship was over in a recent interview with Norway’s NRJ Radio. She was mature about it, however, adding he still holds a special place in her heart. ‘I definitely have so much respect and love for him,’ the beauty said earlier this month. Justin, meanwhile, is taking some respite from his Hollywood friends as he spends Christmas with his loved ones. ‘Great to be with family for the holidays,’ he wrote on Twitter.