A Z  kALHORA - The whole nation is undergoing trauma due to the massacre of innocent schoolchildren at Army Public School in Peshawar - an act of barbarism and extreme savagery. It is vivid from this act of butchery that the perpetrators of this act do not have any respect for human values, humanity and societal norms at all. The incident has jolted the whole nation and has plunged the whole nation into grief and sadness. The international community has gone into the shock because of this indiscriminate act of violence and has condemned it in the strongest words.

It is difficult to go into the thinking of terrorists who carried out this horrific act of terrorism but it is for sure that they do not follow the tenets of Islam - the religion which believes in the rights of the crops and animals during wartime, the religion which always promoted human values and the religion which is the embodiment of humanity. There is no single incident of killing of the innocent children during war in the history of Islam, especially when the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and four Caliphs were at the helms of affairs.

There is a famous incident happened during a war being fought by the Muslims in which Hazrat Ali (RA) was about to kill an enemy with his sword, that person spat on the face of Hazrat Ali (RA) so that he could be killed instantly but  Hazrat Ali (RA) stopped himself and did not kill him. The enemy asked him why he had stopped and not killed him. Hazrat Ali (RA) replied him that after his spitting on him, personal grudge of him got involved, therefore, he stopped. His war is for the cause of Allah and against the non-believers and not on personal animosity.

This is what the spirit of Islam is. Now, the question arises whether these brutes are following any religion? The answer is, no. They are misguided and misled.

At this time of crisis, our leadership has given prompt response to this carnage and the whole political leadership stands united. It is good omen that PTI leadership called off its sit-in and protest to join hand with the government’s efforts to curb terrorism and to crush it from its roots. The prime minister was the first to reach Peshawar on the day of tragedy to set an example to lead from the front and called APC to build political consensus against the brutal forces existing in the society.

The prime minister has vowed to avenge each drop of blood of the innocents and to bring to justice the perpetrators of this heinous act against innocents and humanity. The prime minister’s resolve to avenge the brutal act is the resolve of the whole nation presently and it reflects public sentiment. All political leadership is mulling over the comprehensive strategy to deal with terror and we hope that the committee comes up with a long lasting and comprehensive strategy to eradicate this menace from our society.

Our army chief has rightly said that the enemies have attacked our heart. Undoubtedly, our children are our heart and soul and the whole nation stands behind its political and military leadership for any action against the extremists and terrorists. International community alongwith condolences has also given a strong message to the terrorists that the whole world stands with Pakistan in its efforts to defeat terrorism and no such act of cruelty can lower their morale against terrorism and for defeating extremism.

Our Armed Forces are fighting a decisive war against these elements and the whole nation is with its armed forces and praying for their success. The success of “Zarb-e-Azb” is a key to our sovereignty, stability and security. Its success is the success of our society. All Pakistanis pay tribute to their brave soldiers who are sacrificing their lives for the security and larger interest of the nation.

Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz has rightly termed Peshawar School tragedy as the 9/11 of Pakistan. It is also time to see our friends and foes within and outside Pakistan. Those who do not even condemn these acts of violence, we as a nation stand against them. The incident has united the whole nation and it is time of trial for all of us as a nation to defeat these terrorists and people adhering to these bigoted dogmas.