I am highlighting the most common issue that is disrespecting Azan. The following hadith explains the importance of Adhan (Azan.). “It is more virtuous to stop reading the Quran and to listen to Adhan and to repeat the words of Adhan. (Al-Badayi, 1: 155.).Even being Muslims we still disrespect Azan (Naozubillah). I have seen so much processions, events, marriage ceremonies and shows which keeps on functioning even during Azan. And these are the evidences of Qayama’h (Qayamat).

Furthermore I want to give a message to every Muslim including myself, that if you cannot pray then at least respect and listen Azan silently. Listening and repeating Azan is a virtue and you will be awarded for that. I hope this message will bring positivity among us (InshaALLAH).


Islamabad, December 1.