As we all know, nowadays everyone is in pursuit of acquiring excellent education with the highest degree of qualification. We see status and position of a person as a representation of him, what we do not see is how that individual in personality is. In pursuit of education, everyone is forgetting moral values and this has become an infection among people which is spreading rapidly.

People need to realize what the ‘real’ education is, and I can tell you that there is no degree for it. A few words on a single piece of paper are not what represent a person in reality. An individual is known to other people by his actions and behavior. Possessing a large number of qualifications and certificates but having low or no manners is going to amount to nothing.

The ‘real’ education is learning to groom yourself. People prefer good etiquettes over a degree because when they meet, they don’t show qualification papers to each other, but they note the attitude. No one wants to be with a person having bad attitude who misbehaves towards them.

Qualifications and degrees are not going to help us live and socialize. It is our good manners that will help us out. There needs to be a change at bottom level so that the next generation of children will be able to learn real education instead of this degree education.


Rawalpindi, November 23.