Former President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has been exonerated by an accountability court in charges levied against him due to non-availability of original documents against him. This has resulted in a joyous expression on the face of Mr. Zardari. The question arises that where are the original documents which appear to have been lost over many years. Giving the benefit of doubt to Mr. Zardari ,one can conclude that he was held for a decade or more in jail on apparently fabricated cases.

He should claim compensation from excesses which kept him in there during the better part of his life without any substantiation of charges. This may hold true in many other cases where in the absence of original document cases may be hanging fire for the final judgment. It throws the entire judicial system of the country in disarray when former President is declared innocent after about two decades. Just think how many more innocent persons would be languishing in jail due to lack of original documents.

This would open a Pandora’s box of cases if taken to its logical conclusion. Responsibility has to be fixed in such cases about the loss of original documents alongwith a precedent established in this historic case where a person was held in jail for a long period simply due to his bad reputation instead of proving that the cases against him were fabricated. This brings in disrepute the entire judicial system in our country.


Lahore, November 30.