SWABI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan vowed to take to the streets against the “corrupt rulers” in case justice is not served in the Supreme Court (SC) over Panamagate scandal.

“We approached all state institutions and were denied justice. Now we are in the Supreme Court and if it fails, I will take to the streets and continue to fight against the corrupt rulers till the last drop of my blood,” Imran said while addressing his party workers in Swabi, Khyber-Pakhuntkhwa (KP) on Sunday.

The PTI chief accused Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family to have illegally brought property in London worth billions of rupees but did not spend anything on peoples’ welfare.

“It is as if Imran Khan sends money abroad to his sons and then they send it back to him claiming they have earned it abroad.”

The cricketer-turned-politician lamented that when he takes to the streets after having lost faith in the state institutions, he is accused of inviting the military to rule the country.

“How can I be accused of inviting military to rule the country when Maryam Nawaz [PM’s daughter] tweeted saying the stormed had passed, hinting that the new chief justice and army chief favoured the rulers,” he asked.

Imran went on to say that the Nawaz-led government had destroyed all state institutions except judiciary and army.

“There are two institutions that have not been manipulated and these are Supreme Court and Pakistan Army,” he said.

The PTI supremo accused the prime minister of telling lies on the floor of the Parliament and in the court. Taking a jibe at the PM, Imran told the party workers that if a cricket team of corrupt would be formed its captain would be Nawaz Sharif.

Imran then went on to ask two questions from the crowd and directed them to raise their hands in response to the queries.

“How many of you think Nawaz is the culprit in Panama Papers case,” he asked and then told the media men to show the footage to everyone in the country. He once again questioned people if they thought Pakistan’s justice system would punish the prime minister.

Earlier, Imran said China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will change the fate of the Pakistani economy.

However, he said his party’s government in KP had concerns over the role of the federal government and not China.

“Nawaz Sharif never stands by his words. He had promised in the all parties conference (APC) that KP would be a part of the CPEC but he later backed out of his promise.”

The PTI leader suggested that all chief ministers of the smaller provinces should ask Centre to disclose the details of its agreement on CPEC with China.

Slamming Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Asfandyar Wali Imran said both “play on either sides of the wicket to make the premier as well as people of KP happy.”