The UN Security Council (UNSC) finally taking a stand against Israeli aggression in Palestine is a breath of fresh air in the current crisis wracked climate.

The US defended its decision to refrain from vetoing a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement building in Palestine, saying the unusual step was taken only after all negotiating options to pursue a two-state solution were exhausted. This is a shot in the dark, and last ditch effort by a waning US administration that wasted time in taking the hard decisions, to face up to an upcoming president who may unravel all that the Obama Administration has done, from the Iran Nuclear Deal, to climate change policy.

The resolution states that Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, have “no legal validity” and demands a halt to “all Israeli settlement activities.” Israel is livid. Israel’s permanent representative at the UN, Danny Danon, denounced the resolution saying, “Would you ban the French from building in Paris?” Typical of a man out of touch with history, geography, and humanity.

For Palestinians, this is at least a symbolic win. To reverse the vote a follow-up vote must be proposed and need to survive the veto power of the Britain, China, France, or Russia, which seems unlikely given the enthusiasm for today’s resolution. Yet, does this resolution matter? Can it be enforced at all? The US has abstained, but will it agree to help the UNSC follow through with the resolution? No, no and no- especially if President-Elect Donald Trump has his way. A day earlier, Trump, in a tweet, had asked the US to veto the resolution.

So here is the pinch. The resolution adopted by the Security Council will have no practical ramifications for Israel. The resolution doesn’t include any coercive measures or define sanctions for those who violate it, except for a mechanism by which the United Nations’ secretary general will submit a report on the state of settlement construction to the Security Council every three months. The resolution was adopted under the United Nations Charter’s Chapter 6, and thus is non-binding and only constitutes a show of intent and a recommendation- quite like the UNSC resolutions on the Kashmir dispute. To put a further dampener on the situation, the upcoming Trump Administration will make sure nothing further happens to threaten Israeli aims in Palestine. It seems that President Obama will truly be missed when he is gone.