ISLAMABAD The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through its Jobs Project has launched the two-week CNG workforce skills training in collaboration with the Yasin Akram Associates (YAA) in Islamabad. The purpose of the agreement is to enhance the training of the CNG workforce for CNG stations in the Rawalpindi and Islamabad and region, which will improve employees and employers income, safety of the CNG stations and customer service. While speaking at the inaugural session of the CNG skills trainings on Wednesday, chief guest Shahzad Iqbal, Executive Director Enforcement OGRA paid his heartiest facilitation to the management of Yasin Akram Group (Yasin Akram Associates and their technology partner Your Engineering Solutions - YES) on the launching of Pakistan Jobs Project in CNG sector in Rawalpindi/Islamabad region. He further continued that CNG sector in Pakistan is the fastest growing industry and at present the country has more than 3,000 CNG stations, but there was no formal training for the employees of this sector before the USAID initiative. While paying his gratitude to OGRA and APCNGA, Ch Muhammad Yasin, CEO of Yasin Akram Associates said that they have been entrusted with the responsibility of imparting skill enhancement training of CNG sector workers. We are especially thankful to USAID and CARE International for their fruitful efforts in developing an infrastructure that will enable the youth of Pakistan to develop skills in various commercial vistas, he further noted. Chairman APCNG Ghyas Paracha said that energy sector is one of the major concerns of Pakistan these days and USAID efforts for overcoming the energy crises in Pakistan are commendable. He continued that skilled labour is the dire need of the flourishing CNG industry and we are thankful to USAID for addressing the skill gap needs of this sector by supporting the CNG skills training through the Pakistan Jobs project, but also do look for further possible avenues where we can collaborate to improve the energy sector needs for this we need OGRAs support. This agreement will open doors of opportunities for the youth of Pakistan to get training and placement in the growing energy sector. Availability of the trained workforce at CNG stations will increase income both at individual and enterprise levels, said Brian Cavanagh, Chief of Party, Jobs Project.