WASHINGTON (AFP) - China has postponed at least three high-level exchanges with the US military after Washington approved an arms package for Taiwan last month, a Pentagon spokesman said on Wednesday. But Beijing has yet to cut off all military ties with the US as it has previously over arms sales to Taiwan and other disputes. China has postponed planned exchanges such as their chief of the general staffs visit to the United States, the commander of US Pacific Commands visit to China, and a visit to the US by one of Chinas military region commanders, Major Maureen Schumann told AFP. There were other unscheduled events that China was not considering for the time being but nothing had been formally called off, she said. China has angrily denounced the United States over the past month after US President Barack Obama met the Dalai Lama and approved a $6.4b arms sale to Taiwan. But despite the tough words, some US officials and analysts say they remain cautiously optimistic that relations between the two powers would not suffer a serious setback. Schumann said it was still early to speculate on any additional effects on mil to mil engagements between China and the United States. US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said this week he still planned to visit China later this year. Although China routinely uses our military to military relationship to express displeasure, Schumann said, Washington was committed to maintaining a positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship with China.