The elections of NA-55 are on their way to being held. The electioneering is in full swing with the participants using all their energy to influence the public, promises of bringing the illusive 'change also thrown in for good measure. Tens of millions of rupees have been spent on posters, panaflexes and banners to create illusions of leadership with pretty pictures and promises. The public might just be led into the blind alley once again, reposing its trust in the participants but the ordinary people have been cheated through out the last 63 years and would again end up gaining nothing. If we analyze this whole scenario, it would be clear that the struggle, as always, is for power, with fame and popularity thrown in as its privileges. The masses of enthusiastic voters being used today by these people to get over the top are destined to be ignored afterwards, as always. The participants like to call themselves 'servants of this country in feigned humility but in reality, its a business in which they are investing enormous amounts of money with an expectation to get rich pickings at the payback time. Their camouflage, of 'servant of the public would work, it always has, because the majority of our population is illiterate and unaware. This large portion of the population is still living in an imaginary world and has not stepped into reality yet. Their vote empowers them to choose the right person to govern the system but it has been wasted before and shall be wasted again because they are ignorant. -MUFADDAL MOIZ, Rawalpindi, February 22.