Former president Pervez Musharraf, on the eve of the Indo-Pak Foreign Secretary level talks, said, I would like to put forward my hope, my hope being we reach peace, we reach an accord on Kashmir, that is my hope. Now what I expect, I wouldn't like to comment on that, I wish leadership on both sides best of luck in trying to achieve peace. He was talking to an Indian news channel. Answering a query, Musharraf said, Well I don't think politics should get in the way, it's a question of solving problems and reaching agreements, if politics gets in the way then you won't reach a conclusion, won't reach a deal, we have to reach a deal whether politics gets in the way or not. He said, I think a solution to everything is possible if the leadership on both sides show sincerity, flexibility and boldness...I think given these three qualities of leaders on both sides...sincerity is the first requirement, flexibility to come with an open mind and be open to the other side's point of views and boldness to repute...give and's the give part because you can't have a take and take on either side, so therefore this give part is the difficult part and that means boldness from the leaders because it certainly gives rise to some kind of agitation from some groups or the other back in their own backyard.