TROUBLED actress Lindsay Lohan is planning to move to Britain. The Mean Girls star was recently in London hitting the clubs and now says she plans a permanent move. And its not just the UK that will have to get ready for the hard-partying actress - she also plans to use the 'Chunnel for regular trips to Paris. 'Moving to the UK is in my near future, she wrote on her Twitter, explaining the move being inspired by 'better music and Paris is just a Chunnel away Although she did not say anything about it on her tweet, the move would also have another advantage - taking her thousands of miles from dad Michael who she blames for her substance abuse problems that she admits took her to rehab three times. Lohan said she was so terrified for herself that she checked into rehab for the first time. DM She later went back to rehab twice and was sent to jail briefly in 2007 for cocaine possession and drink-driving. Lohan, who is still on probation, added that she is now clean. DM