RAWALPINDI - President Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that his defeat was a result of pre-poll rigging on the part of Government of Punjab. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said this while addressing a press conference here on Wednesday. Rashid blamed that election was rigged in nine union councils of the constituency according to a pre-planned strategy of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). He blamed that secret fund of Punjab Government was used to defeat him. No cameraman was allowed to cover the by-election and all the vehicles of Punjab Government were used for transporting the voters, he alleged. Rashid alleged that polling agents of AML were kicked out at many polling stations by the police and administration. He added that PML(N) threatened many AML loyalists to refrain them from playing active role on the vote day. Replying to a question, Rashid said, It was a test for the people of Rawalpindi and me. I will never withdraw and bow before PML(N) but will prefer to play my role in uniting the other parties. Rashid termed Gilani-Nawaz breakfast meeting as main reason of his defeat. He said, It is my wish to unite all the fractions of Muslim league, but it seems very difficult in the presence of Nawaz Sharif. He thanked his supporters and even other those who didnt support him. He said after the first anniversary of Awami Muslim League on March 9, 2010, he would start a mass mobilisation campaign across the country. When asked whether Lal Masjid operation was the main reason behind his defeat, he said, People must remember my time in jail with Maulana Abdullah, the father of Maulana Abdul Aziz.