ISLAMABAD The Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament agreed not to appoint ad hoc judges in the superior judiciary and rejected the proposal of reducing the retirement age of the judges of the superior courts and maintained the existing one. The Committee met under the chairmanship of Senator Mian Raza Rabbani here on Wednesday. The informed sources in the Committee told TheNation that appointment of the judges in the superior judiciary and its related matters and the issue of the provincial autonomy was taken up during the meeting and the Committee would continue its deliberations on Thursday (today). The sources in the Committee said that there was consensus on the point that no ad hoc judge would be appointed in the superior judiciary in future. While it was already decided in the meeting that the senior most judge would be made the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the same rule would applied regarding the appointment of chief justices of the high courts. Some of the members of the Committee proposed reduction in the retirement age of the judges of the superior courts but after a little debate, it was decided with consensus that the existing retirement age of the judges would be maintained, the sources further informed. One of the member of the Committee on condition of the anonymity informed that it was also view of the members of the Committee that the Concurrent List would be abolished from the Constitution and all the subjects in the list would be doled out to the provinces. But some members of the Committee were of the view that some subjects in the Concurrent List should be included in Part-II of the Federal Legislative List and the Council of Common Interests (CCI) should be made more effective by giving it more powers. The sources further informed that the members of the nationalist parties in the Committee demanded that all the powers except the defence, foreign affairs, currency and communication should be given to the provinces. The sources in the Committee informed that though there was no word from the Chairman of the Committee Senator Mian Raza Rabbani to speed up working of the Committee but tacitly he wanted to get the job done by mid of the March so that the President Asif Ali Zardari would announce the Constitutional package during his address to joint sitting of the Parliament.