THE arrest by Iran of Abdolmalek Rigi, the ringleader of the much feared Jundullah, while he was on his way to Kyrgyzstan from Dubai is a highly significant development. Available evidence, the Iranians claim, suggests that he was being backed by the United States to destabilise Iran. Jundullah is reported to have carried out a number of deadly terrorist attacks on the Iranian soil. The latest one was the bomb blast on October 18 that killed 42 people including the Chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and other tribal leaders. The group took credit for the attack. The Iranian Interior Minister has confirmed that they are in possession of evidence which shows that Rigi was hand in glove with the US and UK to foment unrest in the country. They allege that he has an Afghan passport and had met with the NATO chief leaving no doubt of the US backing him up. Tehran also maintains that hours before his arrest, he was present in a US military base in Afghanistan. The Iranian charges seem to have an element of truth. Even US analyst Seymour Hersh had, in the past, hinted at the possibility of the Bush regime in cahoots with Jundullah to create trouble in Iran. Meanwhile, a huge weight has been lifted off Islamabads shoulders. His arrest and the evidence seized by the Iranians confirms that it was the US and UK, and not Pakistan, who were supporting the terrorist group. It is also hoped that Iran-Pakistan relations jolted by the Oct 18 attacks, would now regain a solid footing. The Americans have been exposed yet again for playing cloak and dagger games in the region targeting Muslim states. On the one hand, they are trying to extend their hegemony to Iran in an outrageously highhanded manner and, on the other, enlisting the support of the Indian intelligence RAW to carry out acts of sabotage and bombings in Pakistan. Add to this the alleged unlawful activities of the Blackwater mercenaries and the US dangerous intent becomes clear. We must watch out for our so-called ally.