DUBAI (AFP/Reuters) - Police on Wednesday widened their search in the hunt for the killers of a top Hamas military commander in a luxury hotel, saying 15 new Western passport holders are now suspects, with the total number sought now 26. Hamas military commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was killed last month in his hotel room in what Dubai police have said they are near certain was an Israeli hit. They said the killers travelled to the United Arab Emirates on European passports. Of the new suspects, six carried British passports, three held Irish documents, three Australian, and three French, the Dubai governments media office said in an emailed statement. Dubai authorities last week released the identities of 11 people whom they said travelled on fraudulent British, Irish, French and German passports to kill Mabhouh. Two Palestinians suspected of providing logistical support were in custody. All 26 suspects used Western passports, the statement said, adding that five women were among the 15 new names who also include three Irish and three Australian passport holders. The new list of suspects includes people who offered prior logistical support and preparations to facilitate the crime, and others who played a central role, the statement said. Friendly nations who have been assisting in this investigation have indicated to the police in Dubai that the passports were issued in an illegal and fraudulent manner, the statement said. Dubai police also released passport photos and closed-circuit television footage of the suspects, and said two of them had left Dubai by boat for Iran. Dubai police also released credit card details of some of the suspects. Many were issued by the same US bank. Police believe more people could have been involved, the statement said. The use of passports from European Union countries by the killers has drawn censure from the bloc. Dubai has accused Israel of being behind the assassination, but the Israeli Foreign Minister has said there was no proof his country carried out the killing. Dubai police said that they were not ruling out that other people were involved in the murder, as they were still conducting a wide search and reviewing other links to the case. Fourteen of the suspects used credit cards, issued by META Bank in the United States, to book hotel rooms and pay for air travel, police said. The new suspects had travelled to Dubai from six different European cities and Hong Kong. The emirates police chief Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan said last week that some of Mabhouhs killers used diplomatic passports. He has also said he is 99, if not 100 per cent sure that Israeli spy agency Mossad was behind Mabhouhs death, and added on Saturday that Dubai had evidence, including wiretaps, of the agencys role. Britains Sunday Times said the killing was carried out by Mossad with the blessing of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The United Arab Emirates condemned on Sunday the abuse of European passports by the assassins of Mabhuh, a founder of Hamas armed wing.