LAHORE - The water level at Mangla Dam has reached below dead level and the reservoir got emptied on Wednesday after the last water release of about 28,000 cusecs on the demand of Punjab Irrigation Department for irrigation purpose, The Nation learnt. It was also learnt that Tarbela Dam was also getting empty and water level in it already had touched dead level and remaining reserves were only to fulfill the needs of six days. Further, water inflow in Mangla on Wednesday was only 3,400 cusec feet while expected inflow was about 14,000 cusec feet of water which also was insufficient for agriculture purposes. Sources in Punjab Irrigation Water disclosed that the department failed to supply the required quantity of water for agriculture purposes demanded by the Punjab agriculture Department which was about 25 million acre feet of water. Initially, the department set target of shortfall of water, which was about 40 per cent but later, the rains in January covered the expected shortfall and brought it back to 30 per cent. But, later, demand of water increased and the department have to get water from the water reservoirs and dams, which released the remaining reserves of water from the dam, which caused sever shortage of water in water reservoirs. In this regard, Mr Sadiqui, a Director of Punjab Irrigation said that due to sever shortage of water at upstream areas which caused less inflow of water. Now its not a matter of shortfall but a matter of survival not only of agriculture sector but also the entire energy sector which now is near to collapse, he added. He said that although the department drew a huge quantity of water for agriculture purposes, which led for sever shortfall. Although it was need of the hour and we filled almost all the canals of the province with water so that the requirements of agriculture sector could be fulfilled in any case, he added. He said that the metrological office already forecast shortfall but rains in January 5 to 8 helped compensate the agriculture sector regarding water requirements. He said that Metrological office also forecast rains in 1st week of March, which further would help to fulfill the water requirements for the crops. While expressing his apprehensions regarding inflow of water in dams, he said that it would hurt the entire agriculture sector.