I studied at the University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore for my B.Sc. and, thereafter, proceeded to UK for my MSc. and Ph.D. Upon my return, I joined this university as an Assistant Professor. I rose to the level of Professor and, then, become head of a department. For nearly forty years, I have served this institution. Prior to 1998, though, this university was a hub of criminal activities of all kind. Hostels were occupied by outlaws, Booti mafia pervasive in all departments. Various 'student wings of political parties were fighting internecine battles on a regular basis. Teachers were assaulted. A four-year course used to end in six or seven years. Regularity of classes and of extra curricular activities was constantly on the wane. All this I saw happening when this university had Vice-Chancellors from among the teachers. Then, came the present Vice Chancellor, a retired General. In twelve years time, this man has changed the entire picture here. The number of teaching departments has risen to 24 fromtake a guessjust seven. Discipline is great in every sphere. The prestige of the university has been restored. A pity this Vice Chancellor is now being relieved. Teachers at the university once again want a teacher to be Vice Chancellor. Does that mean UET would return to its bad, old self? -AN EDUCATIONIST, Lahore, February 24.