THE battle of the sexes is finally over - and its bad news for the guys. According to the results of an unscientific experiment of a game of Trivial Pursuit, women are smarter than men. Five months ago, makers of the game had organised an online version that took place on a global scale, in nine languages and saw some 15,121,731 questions asked and answered. The battle was conducted in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. To clamp down on cheating, there was a 20-second time limit on answering the multiple-choice questions, reports The Daily Express. The balance of power shifted repeatedly between the sexes, which were sometimes just a few correct answers apart, but ended with the women clinching victory. They correctly answered 4,088,139 compared to 4,077,596 by the men. In the game, online players were able to select the category of question that appealed to their inner genius, or the areas where they thought they would have the most success. The most questions were selected from the entertainment category, followed by science and nature, sports and leisure, history, arts and literature, geography and people and places. Women had the highest success rate in the categories of entertainment (56.8 per cent) and science and nature (54.4 per cent), but answered just 41.7 per cent correctly when questions concerned the people and places category. Mens best categories were science and nature (57 per cent correct answers), entertainment (56.7 per cent), and sports and leisure (54.8 per cent). They performed the poorest when answering geography and people and places questions, with only 49.9 per cent answered correctly. Katreena Lines, global senior marketing manager of Trivial Pursuit, said: The online battle of the sexes experiment invited people worldwide to compete for the ultimate bragging rights - to be a member of the smartest team. The online experience invited everyone to show off their inner genius, by answering 1, 10 or 100 questions a day, in support of their team. Our congratulations to the women who fought hard for the win. ANI