The Monday morning breakfast meeting between Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Mian Nawaz Sharif at the Raiwind Estate was to assure each other that the status quo shall be maintained as both are faces of the same base coin. Both 'leaders are sans any capability, vision or the will to solve problems being faced by the people. So no surprise that all they agreed upon was to form a committee (yet another) of the think-tanks (?) of their respective parties to form a strategy to provide relief to the people of Pakistan (translation; wait still more). We know a committee is formed when no solution is to be found. The people of Pakistan are under the crushing pressure of inflation, food-shortages, loadshedding and endemic, unending poverty. They can hardly wait for our politicos and their think-tanks to form a strategy, if they could at all, and to then implement it, if they could at all, to provide them relief. Due to a uniform lack of moral courage in our politicians, they are unable to ever tell the truth to people. The authority of the present government is greatly eroded by charges of corruption but there is the moral question of how can the opposition leader, Nawaz can demand that President Zardari bring home the illegally-gotten money he has stashed abroad if he wouldnt do the same himself? If Mr. Zardari is called upon to explain how has he came to own the fabled Surrey Palace or the Rockwood Estate in UK, Mr. Sharif would also have to explain his ownership of the properties in London Mayfair. If all politicians and their crony businessman were to bring back the dollars they are keepings abroad, there would be no need for Pakistan to go cap in hand to IMF. Nor would the governments in Islamabad be forced to increase tariffs of electricity and gas every month to cause back-breaking inflation. The governance by PPP at the federal level is poor, of course, but same is the case of the PML-N govt in Punjab. -ENGR.S.T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, February 23.