LAHORE - In 2001, Pakistan accounted for a mere 15768 arrivals into Malaysia. As a result, this market was not considered to be an important source market for tourists to Malaysia. However, over the past few years the arrival numbers have really picked up and were recorded at 65101 in 2010 (amounting to a growth of over 400 %) over the last decade. In 2011, this number stood at a very impressive growth over the year. Most of this growth has been a result of family travellers as the average tourist from Pakistan wants to explore the world, says a press release.

“This spectacular growth in a short time span has ensured that is now a very important market for inbound tourism to Malaysia – and is very rapidly growing” said Dati Hj Azizan Noordin, acting Director General, Tourism Malaysia Promotion Bureau. “We believe this growth phase will continue for the next decade at least,” continued Dato’ Hj Azizan, while addressing a gathering of the media.