ISLAMABAD - Former MNA Marvi Memon on Friday filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding the funds obtained by the government for the development projects and the information for the allocation of the said funds.

The petitioner has made respondents Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) and National Accountability Bureau through their chairmen. Marvi Memon appealed to the court to direct the ERRA to provide accurate information regarding the completed number of development projects in the affected areas of KPK and Azad Jammu and Kashmir and also direct ERRA to audit, inquire and investigate all claims, allocation of funds, statuses of project, completed and incomplete.

She said the AJK people feel deprived that neither were they given any representation in the management of ERRA nor were any dealer chosen from AJK, thus creating a gap providing chances for corruption.

She said the actions of ERRA have violated the fundamental rights of the people of KPK and AJK, particularly under Article 25, 38 and 19A. She said due to the corrupt actions of ERRA and low level of development the people of KP and AJK are still suffering, they still lack basic human facilities.

She said international donors mostly funded the projects, and therefore those should have been completed speedily, but due to high level of corruption in ERRA internally all the available funds are being used for the officials’ personal gains and enjoyment while the affected people are still suffering. Due to lack of development in the affected areas of KPK and AJK, the people there are leading miserable lives. The actions of the ERRA is adding to the injustice as well as establishing Pakistan as a corrupt country in the eyes of the international world, said the former MNA. Marvi said that ERRA is not only corrupt but is also miserably failing to provide the correct information regarding the development project to the people of the KPK and AJK.

Following the devastating earthquake 2005, which affected areas in AJK and KPK, ERRA was established to reconstruct and rehabilitate the areas which were the most affected by the earthquake.

Giving numbers, she claimed that there was big difference between the development on ground and the tall claims made. Out of total 7,745 projects, 4071 have been completed; the work in progress is on 2,374, while on 1,300 projects the work as yet has to be started. Marvi said that even the figure of completed project is doubtful. This demonstrates not only ERRA’s slow and poor performance, but in fact the information provided by ERRA has been tampered with in order to hide the level of corruption. Marvi said that the donors who funded projects, which should have been the easiest and the quickest to execute and complete are still not completed, out of 984 donor funded projects, the work on 207 are yet to be initiated, while ERRA’s claim of completing 720 projects are not to be believed by the people on the ground, she alleged in her petition.

The ex-MNA said that the Chinese government gave massive funds for Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Rawalakot development projects, but the lack of progress in development is painful for the inhabitants.