LONDON  - The Baloch Youth Council has declared that the council will file a case regarding murder of Justice Muhammad Nawaz Marri against Harbiyar Marri.

“Harbiyar Marri was responsible for the murder of Justice Nawaz Marri and he should be tried,” Central Council of Baloch Youth Chairman Waja Mir Hazar Khan Baloch said while addressing the council meeting.

“A senior Indian diplomat organised a meeting between Harbiyar Marri and Brahmdagh Bugti to remove their misunderstanding,” Waja Mir Hazar Khan Baloch said. He went on to say: “During the meeting Brahmdagh Bugti alleged that the person behind taking his grandfather late Nawab Akbar Bugti to the cave was Balach Marri, brother of Harbiyar Marri.

 The cave collapsed due to a blast by a remote-controlled device and Balach Marri was standing just outside the cave.”