ISLAMABAD  - Book reading habits are declining day by day due to arrival of Internet and computer culture in our society.

According to a report, it is said that the books reading habits have been replaced by the reading books online.  It has become a rare feature now a days that the people visit the bazaars and shops to buy books because all the new and trendy books are easily available on the internet with no wastage of money and time.  “There is a famous adage that “None could be a person’s best friend as compared to friendship with books.

Book readers always remain in search of good books everywhere as they thought nothing is as satisfying to their reading instinct as the habit of book reading latest and interesting books”, it added.

But, unfortunately, books are being sold on shops with expensive prices and that is why the number of book buyers is decreasing day by day as compared to the past when shops and bazaars remained full and busy with book lovers. The decline in book reading culture is a bad omen for the development of a society as a civilized, educated, tolerant and plural society, which needs prompt response by the concerned authorities to attend this crucial issue and revive this culture again by setting trend of availability of books on reasonable prices, the report maintained.