Government has been announcing monetary compensation for the dead and injured in all previous bombs blasts but is surprisingly quiet in the case of the Hazara’s of Quetta. Though no amount of money shall really compensate the irreparable loss suffered by the widows and children of the Shaheeds, yet they, in their hour of calamity, when they have not only lost their bread earners, but also their businesses, shops and property in the bomb blast, need every penny and every ounce of sympathy from the goverment as well as the nation.

I would, therefore, urge the government to announce some relief for the Shaheeds and the injured. Immediate survey of the loss of business and property can be done and the families duly compensated at the earliest. The philanthropists and the business tycoons are requested to donate generously in a government fund or a Trust especially created for this purpose to provide some relief to the miserable unfortunate families at the earliest.


Rawalpindi, February 22.