The terrorist attack on the Hazara community on February 16 demonstrated that we live in an interdependent, vulnerable and fragile country. After a brief pause; Hazara community was once again targeted in a heinous attack, leaving 85 dead and many wounded. The community is suffering the sectarian jolts since 1999 in Quetta. The downtrodden people are raising their voice continuously, demanding justice; crackdown on culprits, cessation of genocide and religious harmony. Unfortunately, not a single government has heard their appeal. The imposition of Governor’s rule couldn’t stop terrorists; similarly, having the full powers of FC, it failed to deliver any positive result. Lashkar-e-jhangvi (LEJ), claiming responsibility for the attacks are not being apprehended. Arresting 170 people as suspects depicts a response to pressure. Malik Ishaq the leader of LEJ still enjoys freedom. Government should bring all the terrorists to the gallows, especially the perpetrators of Kiryani massacre.


Baluchistan, February 21.