RAWALPINDI – The citizens have urged the authorities concerned to take solid steps to avoid traffic jam problem on city roads as the motorists traveling on city roads are witnessing nowadays the worst traffic gridlocks across the city.Several ambulances are also seen stuck in the long traffic queues on roads. The commuters of public transport are the worst sufferers as traffic on several chowks is diverted to alternative roads. Traffic wardens are found absent from duty points and others made half- hearted efforts to regulate traffic.A car rider Altaf said, “There was a traffic chaos every where on Saturday and motorists were left abandoned.” The citizens have called on the authorities to outline a comprehensive plan to solve traffic congestion in the city as heavy traffic jam on city roads especially at Center Hospital to Marrir Chowk and Pirwadhai Mor area at G.T.Road after launching of Marrer Chowk tunnel project on Benazir Bhutto Road (Murree road) and Pirwadhai flyover project is creating a lot of problems for the masses of Rawalpindi city. Talking about traffic jam in the city, people belonging to different walks of life said, the Benazir Bhutto Road, Raja Bazaar Road, Bank Road, Bunni Chowk, Said Pur Road, Peerwadhai Road, Tench Bhatta, 22 Number Chungi have very much importance for the citizens of Rawalpindi but due to traffic jam which has become a routine matter on these roads, the citizens are suffering great.Lack of traffic signals in Raja Bazaar and other important chowks of the city also creating traffic problems. The traffic wardens also did not perform their duties properly in several chowks, said a motorists. The citizens have urged the authorities concerned that strict checking of traffic rules violations, particularly on Benazir Bhutto Road (Murree Road) should be ordered. The commuters face big traffic problems on the congested Murree Road especially from Mareer chowk to Naz Cinema chowk due to heavy traffic load, traffic mismanagement and rules violations. Driving on the Murree Road is enough to test the nerves of commuters, Atif, a commuter, said. He added,”We daily face huge traffic mess particularly at the peak hours”. The Committee Chowk underpass, Chandni Chowk and sixth road flyovers on Murree Road could not help control the traffic mess mainly due to wrong parking of vehicles and other traffic rules violations.Five to 10 minute wait at all main traffic signals is a routine matter on Murree road, said Tahir, adding traffic problems on Murree Road could only be addressed through strict observance of rules.Meanwhile, the absence of taxi stand at Pirwadhai bus terminal is creating numerous problems for traffic as cabbies usually park their vehicles on the road, creating traffic jams.The cabbies try to park their vehicles on the road close to the buses arriving from other cities in order to take a lead in picking passengers. This creates traffic jams that often lead to road accidents. Expressing concern over the situation, transporters have demanded that the relevant authorities set up a taxi stand to facilitate passengers and transporters. Tahir Wasim, a bus driver while talking to APP said it was a challenge to move the bus at this terminal as cabbies parked their vehicles without considering the problems being faced by other motorists. “It takes almost 15 minutes to reach the designated bus stand from Pirwadhai Chowk due to illegal parking by the taxi drivers,” he said. Wasiq Khan, another bus driver, said the haphazard parking of taxis in and around the bus terminal could cause accidents, adding that the situation disrupted traffic flow. Muhammad Faizan, a cab driver, said they had permits to avail all the roads and bus stops in the city to earn their livelihood. He said it was the responsibility of the city authorities to provide a taxi stand to facilitate the transporters and public. Haider Shah another cabbie, said in the absence of a taxi stand they had no option except to park taxies on the roads exposing themselves to accidents. Another cabbie said on one hand, cab drivers were at the mercy of bus drivers who drove rashly, while on the other, the traffic police issued them tickets for parking vehicles on the road to pick up passengers.Senior Superintendent of Traffic Police Dr. Moeen Masood said that the absence of a taxi stand at this terminal was creating problems not only for transporters but also for the traffic police. He said the ITP had written to the city authorities several times in this regard but they had paid no heed to the issue.