Indian war games in the Rajasthan areas coming on the heels of a massive arms deals with more than one country makes very obvious its militaristic leanings and the constant show of force with which it has been trying to frighten its neighbours. The significance of choosing Rajasthan area is another cause that shows its particular tendency to size up the Pakistan army along the border. At the LoC it has recently been violating and resorting to indiscriminate fire. Now one can hear some of the Indian political figures themselves admitting publicly that New Delhi has not made a serious effort to normalise ties with Pakistan. That is so because the emphasis of the Congress-led government all along has been to focus on heavy armament to use it as a tool to coerce Pakistan into submission. India has tried the option of using force in the past only to fail and would meet the same end if it tried so again. Muscle flexing of the sort in Rajasthan is no solution to the outstanding issues India is erroneously thinking it can solve through such methods.

At the end of the day, this constitutes a stern lesson for Islamabad what Indian democracy and its ideals for bilateral peace stand for. Consistent appeasement and concessions and positive proposals like by the COAS Gen Kayani to demilitarise Siachin, were received by New Delhi as hogwash. There is hence no point in further dishing out favours to India.