To keep healthy is our basic right and to have access to a doctor as well. As the government provides no incentive to doctors to work in rural areas  there is a dearth of doctors. This space has been filled by non qualified dispenser and quacks. Untrained and unqualified dispensers and quacks have setup clinics in small towns and rural areas and are treating poor patients, while charging them heavy fees and provide some medicines with extra charge and wrong prescriptions resulting in many deaths or worsening of disease.

In a country that lacks any kind of check and balance this continues unchecked. Many medical stores sell medicine to patients without any prescription by an authorized doctor. Many a time people go to medical store and ask them for medicines. There is a dire need to take action against these quacks because they cannot diagnose any ailment. I would like to request the health department to take action against such people.


Badin, February 19.