As a Pakistani, you have got to miss the time when Saeed Anwar made the highest score in the ODIs. 194 in 1997 was an unachievable score by an individual batsman but not for Saeed Anwar. At the time, it seemed like the record would never be broken. It was but it took almost 12 years for that to happen. It was broken by CK Coventry a Zimbabwean batsman who also scored 194 but was not out which in effect broke the record. The next batsman who broke this record achieved a new milestone. Sachin Tendulkar scored the first double-century in an ODI in 2010. In a lot of ways it made sense that Tendulkar reached the 200 mark first. Statistically speaking, he is the greatest batsman to ever play this sport. To everyone’s surprise, Tendulkar did not keep the record of being the only batsmen to have achieved this milestone for too long. It is shocking the number of batsmen who are scoring double centuries in ODIs now. For some it might not be that shocking due to the emergence of T20 cricket or due to the changes in the rules and regulations favouring the batsmen. But it still is quite a feat. Yesterday Chris Gayle joined the league of men who have scored a double-century in an ODI. He did it in his typical style and scored the fastest double-century. He became the fifth man in the history of cricket to reach the 200 mark in an ODI. He is peaking at the right time in this World Cup and suddenly West Indies seems a lot more threatening than it did at the start. Lets hope our Pakistani openers can take some inspiration from Gayle’s innings and start performing.

–Shaan Tahir