Wah Cantt - The state of the apathy and indifferent attitude of the officials of examination branch of Punjab University (PU) have landed hundreds of students residing in twin cities of Taxila and Wah Cantonment enrolled in  MA Islamyait in trouble, as they have been asked to appear for viva examination in Lahore.

The decision of the university administration has caused unrest and anxiety among the hundreds of students who have termed the decision as ridicules and unjust.

While protesting the decision of the university administration on Tuesday, the affected students termed the decision unwise and called upon the vice-chancellor to review the decision failing to which they would hold sit-in in front of the university in protest till acceptance of their demand.

The protesters were of the view that it is ridicules that the university conducted exams in Islamabad while Taxila and Wah students are called for viva examination in Lahore.  Sidara Aziz, a student while talking to this reporter, said that she like other girls got admission as a private student in PU for the reason that she could continue her education while studying at home but now the university administration has asked her to appear for viva in Lahore. Kulsoom, another student, said that university put at stake her two years hard work and educational career as she cannot spend thousands of rupees to go to Lahore.

Samina Bibi, another student, said that she got admission in this university as she is not allowed to attend college due to limited financial resources and conservative environment. She said her dreams shattered when she was asked to appear for viva at Lahore as her family would not allow her to go there and her two years studies would spoil.

Bahadur Khan, father of a student, while talking on this occasion said that it is the mismanagement of the university, as the students of Wah and Taxila appeared for examination in Islamabad but now they are asked to appear for viva hundreds of miles away in Lahore. He said that he could not send her daughter alone and if he goes along with her, it will cost him heavily.

Bushra Perveen, mother of a student, called upon university administration to revise the decision.