I have win the bet of telling my members of Engineers Forum Think Tank and friends that General Raheel Sharif COAS will not ask or accept the extension for his tenure , because he will never compromise his family legacy of serving the country with brave and outstanding soldiers.

His family members and he himself believe in i moral values, which are priceless., they are not inflicted with money greed and self glorification which is common in our land of the pure with those who are small men and happen to be in a position of authority. General Raheel have not only best served the Great Pakistan Army institution in which he served for four decades but also an example for others who believe that they are the only one to serve the country.

All in state and government service should fellow his example. I think our old politicians who had already served more then ten year to should fellow his footsteps and let the new one should have the opportunity to serve the country. General Raheel has shown that three year is enough for a person of substance in position of authority to deliver and made a change.


Lahore, January 25.