“We have ordered an inquiry into how the fire erupted and why proper emergency exits were not

provided at the factory so that the workers could escape.”

–Rauf Siddiqui, Sindh Industry Minister – September 2012.

289 workers lost their lives in the horrific fire at Ali Garments in Baldia Town, Karachi in 2012. What was initially chalked off as negligence of workplace safety standards, after almost four years the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) charged with finding the real cause behind the incident has termed it an act of terrorism, claiming that extortion was the major motivation behind this act of arson. The revelation itself isn’t as shocking as it should be; considering that the Rangers already pointed the finger at workers of MQM last year. The owners of the factory, fearing reprisal, now live in Dubai. The factory manager, summoned to the courts only days ago, is on bail with the police unable to locate him. One can only hope that the new prime suspect, Hammad Siddiqui from the MQM can be brought to justice.