JHABBRANA : The local government stressed a need for national unity in the ongoing war against terrorism.

All the political parties and the civil society of the country should join their hands for the prosperity and the progress of the country instead of pulling legs one another, a local government representative said. “We should play a positive role to build Pakistan,” District Council Chairman Rana Ahmad Atique Anwar said during a ceremony.

Meanwhile, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Vice Chairman Akram Saeed. A schedule of local government act of the Punjab government along with other seven bills were approved by majority votes. On the occasion, fateha was also offered for the military, police officer and common men who were martyred in the recent terrorists attacks.

A unanimous presentation was also approved by the house in which good policies of the government were appreciated. After the meeting, the DC said that despite being short in resources, all the targets would be achieved.  He said that the Punjab government has been requested to allocate special grant for the District Council so that all projects of the public could be completed.