“The United Nations has a critical role to play in promoting stability, security, democracy, human rights, and economic development. The UN is as relevant today as at any time in its history, but it needs reform.”

–Chuck Hagel

The main purpose for the creation of the United Nations after the World War 2 was to resolve future conflict between countries through diplomacy and without the use of military force. Through the years, many argue that the objective for which it was created is still being upheld as it has controlled the escalation of conflicts thus preventing a full scale global war from occurring.

The idea that it has been successful in its aims is still questionable. Although it preaches ideas of equality and equal representation, countries like North Koreaaren’t a part of the organisation and is left out of important matters concerning the world. Palestine even was made an observing member which meant that it was stripped of an opinion and a vote in many of the organisations under the UN. There are five countries that have the veto power is an assertion of power and influence. It also means that there are many conflicts that cannot be resolved due to the course changing power these countries possess.

However, their humanitarian efforts cannot go unappreciated. The World Food Programme send necessities to more than 8000 people in Rwanda and many other countries on a monthly basis. Aid that is donated by various governments all over the world is also airdropped into many conflict zones so that it may reach those trapped in the vicious environment. Even the progress that it achieved when it came to gender equality by the establishment of the UN Women is commendable however, when it comes to large scale issues like war and peace, the UN seems to become useless or irrelevant. The existence of the Syrian conflict and the failure to resolve it due to a clash of opinion in the P5 countries who, incidentally, have the power to veto, irruption of the ISIS and failure to suppress it, the neglecting of the surge of Refuges scattered across Europe and the inability to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Perhaps the way in which the organisation is run could be reformed to ensure its relevancy and effectivity along with equality amongst its members in the modern world.