Rawalpindi - The Punjab government has decided to cancel the drug licenses issued to dispensers across the province including Rawalpindi. The Punjab government has also made it compulsory for medical stores, B-category pharmacy and pharmacist to hold a medical degree. According to sources, the district government was also notified regarding the new orders, while initiatives are being taken to cancel the already given permission letter till July 2017.

After the cancellation of license, the only the owners having degrees would be authorized to run their medical stores and dispensaries. According to sources, around 200 dispensaries are functioning in Rawalpindi Division. Others SOPS includes, selling of drugs would be mandatory under the supervision of Degree holder.

Pakistan Chemist Retailers Association central chairman Ishaq Memo said that dispensary drug license are issued and certified under  Pakistan drug rules 1958 section 55, hence, we will challenge the matter in high court.