Saneela Jawad - The session that caught our interest, in particular, was titled ‘Art and the Human Condition’ that featured Danish writer Janne Teller, British novelist Esther Freud, short story writer Sabyn Javeri and a Turkish writer Çiler İlhan. The talk was moderated by Tank Magazine’s journalist (writer) Thomas Roueché.

The session aimed to tell the audience that literature itself is a form of art; the form of art that can resonate with the readers because they are able to tell the writer's emotions and experiences are there that they have made to create each and every character, with every story, is so strong.

Sabyn Javeri while speaking at the session said, “Art is a medium that gives us space to send our message across; be it writing, TV dramas, music; it gives us a space that ‘reporting’ doesn’t.”

 “Art brings you into the human condition form, where you are able to react to things because you are given an insight into it. For me, art is a modern political tool to build gaps so you can react to things and build the human condition.”

Janme Teller said, “You cannot put out the fire with literature, you can’t stop about a war you are writing about; but you can prevent the next fire or the next war or make people run and put off the fire.”

“Literature is all about connecting with the readers and trying to change things for the better in the long run. Fiction allows you to do that; not only that, storytelling can be done in various forms, fiction allows you to shape different experiences into different stories.”

Sabyn said that since in this day and age people are always bombarded with information from everywhere TV, social media etc, Literature is a medium that helps turn this information turns into knowledge and if it is good knowledge it then, turns into wisdom.

The session concluded with Çiler İlhan stating that, “Literature is a seed that needs to be planted well and early enough into kids these days because not only is it important to do something for ourselves and spend time all by doing something that calms you, but also because it helps you find your passion to feed your own soul.”– Contributed