If in just six years, as many as 1.85 million families comprising of 22.5 million people have transformed their lives, one small loan, one big dream at a time and in the process built a Rs 40 billion towering success story. Then, Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif rightly deserved due credit for this initiative of helping the resource less people in  elimination of poverty from the province.

Under The Chief Minister’s Self-Employment Scheme , the interest-free loan scheme for the needy was launched in 2011and already in just six year, it is transforming the poverty landscape of the province and it is continuing to benefit more and more families.

Only the other day, in a big gathering of men and women in the court yard of the historic Badshahi Masjid, the Chief Minister has quite appreciably and commendably distributed more than Rs 60 crore among 25000 families with which they have started their lives afresh.

According to the reports in the newspapers, the chief minister said on the occasion that the gap between the rich and the poor must be bridged and filled or otherwise everything will just crumble, the ratio of return of the interest free loans is as high as 99.9 percent. He admired the Pakistanis who are returning these loans and saluted the great Pakistanis who have returned loans and used them with honesty and integrity.

The chief minister maintained that the Self-Employment Scheme launched by the provincial government is a revolutionary programme, which is proving helpful in bridging the gap between poverty, unemployment , the rich and poor.

Good things being done for the welfare and well-being the needy people in particular throughout the province without any discrimination should be appreciated by everyone, brushing aside political differences so that the towering success story continues in the right earnest.


Lahore, February 11.