With the election of the PTI government, the slogan of “Naya Pakistan” became very popular. However, despite this slogan being used everywhere, social and political unrest persists in the country. The question arises: How we can overcome this dilemma? How can we empower and sustain our state to ensure prosperity? When we look into the period of Islamic History it is a fact that governance of the Khulfae Rashideen comprised of transparent justice, corruption free society and clarity of equal rights for everyone. The poor and rich were equal in front of the law. As a result, there was no political and social unrest. Series of well-known political personalities in Pakistan show that ‘’justice delayed means justice refused’’. Politics of tirades, abusing each other and politics of leg pulling in parliament is not the solution to the current political and social unrest. After the shocks of successive governance crises, people of the country have bitter memories of the past. It is the need of hour that the PTI government use an iron hand to overcome the surge of misgovernance and anarchy. Policy makers should join theirs hands with think tanks of different schools of thought. It is time to do something for the best interest of the entire nation. By implementation of Quaid’s saying “unity. faith and discipline” we can save not only our assets but also save our social and political norms.


Khushab, February 1.