SKARDU                 -               Political parties have started their election campaign for the upcom­ing elections for the Gilg­it-Baltistan Assembly to be held in September this year.

The GB assembly will be dissolved on June 26 after completion of its tenure. The mainstream political parties includ­ing, PTI, PML-N and the PPP have devised politi­cal campaigns in the Gil­git-Baltistan and are in the process to nominate their candidates.

The sitting government of the PML-N is confident to win the polls in the GB on the basis of its perfor­mance.

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The PPP and PTI lead­ers in the GB are also pulling the muscles to win the elections in the GB as the PML-N govern­ment what they believed failed to deliver. PTI is fully confident to win the elections because of PTI’s govt’s successes in the KP, Punjab and the Centre.