Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Central Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira has said that the demand for a new election is constitutional and democratic because as longer the incumbent government remains, the more problems will increase, even government allies are saying that if the government goes further there will be more harm to country.

Talking to the media here on Tuesday, Qamar Zaman Kaira said that Prime Minister Imran Khan took U-turns on everything he promised. We would not sit in the houses or go out of the country; the PPP is in line with the constitution and the law; early election is the need of the nation, and 2020 is election year, he added.

He alleged that the government has strangled the economy, security situation in the country is worse, and it has become extremely weak on foreign front. Trump himself is a torment for the world, he said.

The country needs an opposition leader; Shahbaz Sharif should return and guide the opposition, as well as Maryam Nawaz should also break her silence, he urged.

The PPP leader clarified that an informal meeting with reporters and news directors Chairman Bilawal Bhutto while responding a question about the role of establishment in politics and nurturing and selecting politicians he replied before Imran Khan Nawaz Sharif was ‘selected’. In the past, such things have happened to each other, he said.

From Selected we meant that the agencies of Pakistan fill the air in this bubble, join other parties with it, make a new alliance, create a specific environment on TV channels in its favour, constituencies should be sorted according to its interests, government machinery to be used, include electable after breaking different parties, we call it selected, he elaborated.

While criticizing government’s political victimization, Qamar Zaman Kaira said old cases are being opened on Khurshid Shah, if the FWO accepted bribe then I asked to Chairman NAB that all the projects in the country should be opened, he demanded.

Nawaz Sharif has gone abroad for treatment, and the PM himself allowed him to go after checking his health reports, and found out that his health was very critical, it is not appropriate now to say that he is enjoying holidays, former PM has gone for treatment, and he should get treatment, he stated.

The PPP leader says Maulana Fazal-u-Rehman works for his own party; and the PPP formulates a policy with keeping its own interests in mind.

Kaira further said that party chairman Bilawal Bhutto would be coming to Punjab from March 1, after which there will be rallies in Sahiwal and Faisalabad besides meetings of women, youth, PSF, minorities.