Quarantine arrangements


This is with reference to your editorial “Preventive Measures” dated January 25, 2020. The coronavirus is taking its toll in China and most of the foreigners in the country, especially in Wuhan, are badly stranded with essential food supplies depleting very quickly. Almost five hundred students from Pakistan are struck in the virus-hit city. Pakistan has discontinued flights to China in the wake of stopping entry of infected people and for preventive measures. But what will the stranded students do there?

Unfortunately, we have limited health facilities in our country with no quarantine arrangements with testing facilities for coronavirus which are immediately required at airports to handle any emergency. The families of stranded students are in panic and running from pillar to post for retrieval of their near and dear ones, but to no avail. Dr Mirza is requested to take serious note of this issue and persuade the government to evacuate students from China, as India, US and other countries are doing. We should not leave our youth in the lurch at this testing time.




Beach or garbage?


Every country keeps its beaches and sea water clean to attract tourists. Beaches can be included amongst the most gorgeous places in the world that attract tourists particularly in summer, beaches can be counted amongst frequently visited places by tourists and are the busiest due to their cleanliness and facilities provided by the state and it would be hard for someone to find vacant rooms in summer around popular beaches. That’s why beaches are major source of income generation for many countries.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan it would be hard for someone to distinguish if it is a beach or just garbage piles! Our beaches look horrible as compared to the rest of the world’s beaches, a few days ago I along with my family visited sea view beach Karachi, where we saw hundreds of pieces of broken glass in and on the sand, plastic and tin bottles and much more garbage around. Broken glass can be hazardous for those who want to enjoy beach by walking bare foot and plastic wrappers and bottles are also hazardous for marine species. Horrifyingly, no single dustbin was placed over there, everyone was throwing whatever, wherever they wanted.

Honestly, people visit beautiful places like beaches on holidays to get rid of stress by bringing slight changes in routine and these small activities contribute to the mental and physical sanity but amid administrative inertia precious places look like garbage. I urge the authorities concerned to take stringent actions to make our beaches clean and I also request visitors that it is not only responsibility of the state we all are also responsible to ensure cleanliness, please avoid throwing its beach not garbage.



Save water and save lives


Karachi – the city of lights – is a mega city of more than 20 million people. It is the economic hub of Pakistan and is rightly called mini-Pakistan but Karachi city daily faces water scarcity. Water is one of the most important natural resources and it covers one third of the earth. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper measures for securing and preserving natural resources, our country is suffering from water scarcity seriously. Furthermore, the farming community is wasting a tremendous amount of freshwater is utilised by using out dated flood irrigation methods. About 95% of freshwater is utilised for irrigation, and yet country is achieving a lower per acre crop production when compared to India and China in the region because the issue of water crisis is not a new problem. This problem is too old; for the past several years, Pakistan has been facing a severe water scarcity and there is no proper planning to save water and save lives for Karachi city.