ISLAMABAD         -               Pakistani students in Coronavirus-hit Wuhan are safe and healthy, Chinese embassy said yesterday. In a series of tweets, the embassy said: “The (Chinese) government is taking care of them like their own people.” The embassy added: “Outbreak of COVID-19 is being fully prevented and has turned out positive trend in China. The outbreak is preventable, controllable and the disease is curable.” The embassy said the government of China “understands the temporary difficulties of Pakistani students in Wuhan.” It added: “They are with millions of Chinese to prevent and control the epidemic. Their daily lives and studies are guaranteed. Parents please rest assured.” “The Chinese government and Pakistani authorities, it said, “have established contacts with each student to ensure adequate living and medical supplies. Most students are satisfied. We will continue to do our best to take care of them.”  It further said: “The suggestions of World Health Organization (WHO) and health experts are that the safest approach is to stay where you are, as any movement of people will lead to the risk of cross infection.”